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Transfer calls using ##

I have a question about the blind transfer using ##. This works great on our cordless phone, but there have been occasions that we can't transfer using ##. I was able to reproduce the issue by doing the following:

1) Call in from the outside line,
2) Ask the operator to transfer me to an extension using ##.
3) Get the voice mail greeting of the individual.
4) Hit 0 for the operator before the greeting completed.
5) Ask the operator to transfer me again using ##.
6) Operator can't transfer and I can hear the pressing of the keys.

I'm using FreePBX web interface and have a "ring group" that rings 4 phones as the operator. I do know that the context type is "from-internal" but when it rings as above, the context type becomes "from-pstn". I do have the 't' flag.

Can you tell me where exactly to go and change in the FreePBX web interface? Why can't I transfer the call the second time around? How can I fix this?

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Do you have both a "tT" in

Do you have both a "tT" in your inbound and outbound dial string?

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no, just the small t. If I

no, just the small t. If I put T then the caller can make their own transfers, which I don't want.